The 50 year flood

It’s been raining all day. The water level which was high enough as it was because of the melting snow, is now at levels which happen on average every 50 years. Here in Ljusnedal I think we are spared from any damages to houses (there’s a couple of houses upstream though, close to the river, so they could be at risk) but the river is now flowing on the fields as well, and the whitewater by the old sawmill as fierce as I’ve ever seen it. I’ve seen a lot of people stand on the bridge and look at it, so this is really not normal in anyone’s eyes.

The raining has stopped now and the sun will come out tomorrow. But there is still a lot of snow on the mountains (as seen in my pictures yesterday), so the water levels will not be going down much. But at least they should not rise any more, we hope.

I was also looking at the series of pictures I took of Anåfället in 2016. We’ve probably had almost twice as much snow during this winter than for two years ago… so it’s a bit crazy that there’s now less snow on the mountain, than on the same date two years ago. That’s how fast it has melted!

The highest I’ve seen the water level during the past three years was also two years ago. But then it was the result of many days of intensive raining in combination with a little bit of snowmelt. The peak was reached on 24 May.

water level
Two years ago when the water level was at its highest, the water didn’t reach quite up to the old hut.
The neighbour’s sauna building will soon be flooded
high water
I couldn’t get to the bridge over Tevån because the duckboards over the ditch right in front of me here was lifted on dry ground. But you can see that the water has reached the bridge.
And the duckboards are under water
View from the bridge towards Ljusnedalssjön
View from the bridge towards Ljusnedalssjön
The river gone wild
The river gone wild

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