From the viewpoint on Hamrafjället yesterday, I saw that there wasn’t much snow left along the trail towards Andersborg. So I should be able to get through, and once on the mountain, it would be easy.

So that’s what I did today. But I didn’t get very far before the trail was covered in snow, and this is a problem in many ways. Firstly, sometimes the snow is packed hard so you can walk on it, but not always. Secondly, there’s a lot of water under the snow so if you go through it, you could fall deep. And get seriously wet feet. Thirdly, if you follow the trail and there are duckboards (which there are plenty of here), you constantly risk stumbling when your foot misses the duckboard and throws you off balance.

So I abandoned the trail and then started to find my way in this labyrinth of snow and water and mountain birches and junipers. It took me almost an hour to do 2 km! But I was absolutely determined to do it. Wet feet were not going to stop me!

I stopped for fika at the old mining hole. The labyrinth was behind me, now I just needed to get up to the mountain, and avoiding the few snow fields on the way provided no problems. When I got up, I saw some people who were doing exactly the opposite – skiers looking for the snow to get the last turns of the season! There’s much more snow on the west side of Lill-Skarven, but just like with the snowboarders on Hamrafjället yesterday, I was wondering if it really was worth the trouble. The snow fields are not that big… but I guess it’s a bit cool to be skiing in May. But I just want to hike!

I think today was their last chance. Just give you an idea of how fast the snow melts, a part of the trail had been flooded during the three hours I had spent on the hike. I got past the spot with dry feet when I started, but had to splash through the flowing water on the way back. And tomorrow it will be raining, which will make the snow disappear even faster than it does in these warm temperatures. SMHI has issued a level 3 warning for extremely high water levels, and that only happens once every 50 years on average!

treacherous snow
Just to illustrate my point about treacherous snow
purple saxifrage
So happy to find flowers! The purple saxifrage is a tough little flower.
Hamrafjället with Storvigeln
Hamrafjället with Storvigeln in the background. And you can see what I mean with labyrinth. It can look easy when you see it from above like this, but when you’re down there it’s a completely different story!

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