There aren’t many mountains where you can hike as yet. The top of the mountain could be ok, but the problem is how to get to the foot of the mountain. Hamrafjället melts early and you can park your car at the foot of it, so I decided to check it out. And it was actually quite easy, there were a few spots with either snow or a lot of water, which forced me to make short detours, but really no big deal.

It was an amazing warm day. A bit windy, but even the wind was warm, so I was happy in a t-shirt. With these temperatures, the snow that I thought would for sure stay around until June, is now quickly melting. As in, super quickly. As in, all lakes and rivers are flooding!

So while I am searching for hikable mountains, other people are searching for skiiable ones. Saw a couple of people with snowboards, they got a few turns on the snow fields that remain on the south-east side of the mountain!

snow on Hamrafjället
The snowboarders made use of this snow
flooded river
That’s supposed to be a river, and the lake is what’s under the ice in the top left corner. But you can barely make out the river, it’s just water everywhere.
Lill-Skarven in the background. Not a lot of snow there, so I will try it tomorrow.
lot more snow
In some other directions, there’s a lot more snow.

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