Goodbye Skåne

If it was a long drive to get to Skåne, then it will be an equally long drive to get back home. Plus that I have six high points to pick on the way. So in the morning we drove out in two cars, mine was packed and ready to go north. We stopped at a beech forest with an old stone wall so I had one last chance to shoot the special trees. This place was actually in Blekinge, so when we were done with the shoot and separated ways, I didn’t have far to drive to get to the highest point of Blekinge.

Old wall through the beech forest
Old wall through the beech forest

None of the high points provided anything more than snapshots to prove that I’ve been there, so this is the last post about the Southern Sweden trip. I will write separate posts about each point, and I will try something new with them – write them in Swedish!

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