When seasons meet

April can be a bit of everything. There’s still plenty of skiing to be done, but hiking is also an option. Well, if you’re desperate like I am. Last week when I was skiing on Flåten, I saw that the ridge of Lill-Skarven was free of snow. No snow = hiking! So today I drove to Fjällparkering, put on the skis, skied past Andersborg and then got up to the ridge south-west of the peak of Lill-Skarven. Sure enough, up there the ground is bare, so I changed my ski boots for hiking shoes I had in my pack, and hiked to the top.

There’s snow at the foot of the mountain and you need skis. But it’s spring and it’s warm and you’re sweating when going up. Then you get higher and there’s no snow, so you switch to shoes. By the time you reach the top, the ground is covered in frost and the wind is biting your fingers and it’s winter again.

April is when the season can’t decide what it is.

Spring meets winter
Spring meets winter. Or vice versa.
Hamrafjället and Storvigeln
Hamrafjället and Storvigeln
Lill-Skarven Summit
In some places the snow won't melt in many weeks to come
In some places the snow won’t melt in many weeks to come

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