They’re back!

With these warm temperatures we’ve been having, I’ve started visiting the south-east side of Funäsdalssjön to check the birds in the open water. The swans, goldeneyes and mallards arrived a long time ago, but today I finally saw the birds I had been waiting for – cranes! There were eight of them, but I heard some crane hooting further north-west so there’s more.

The snow is disappearing quickly. There’s still plenty of it, but all exposed areas are already bare. I went skiing today and came across a lot of these exposed areas, so I took off my skis and walked. And I can’t even tell you how good it felt to have dirt under my feet! It was the same feeling I get after the first snow in the autumn. I’m miss hiking so much it hurts, and started planning a combined ski/hike trip. Some of the mountains already look like you could find a way up in hiking boots…

As for the skiing, it was good. But unless you go skiing in the early morning hours when the snow is frozen, then you’re stuck following the packed trails. Outside the trails, the snow carries you if you’re lucky, but you sink through a lot and there’s no telling what’s under the snow. At one point I stopped and heard a gurgling sound. And realised that I was standing on top of a small brook flowing under the snow. I got out of there in a hurry!

The weather looks to be cooling down a little bit in the coming week. As much as I complain about the amount of snow we have, the quick snowmelt has its problems, I just read in the news that some local rivers have started flooding. Even if the melting slows down, I think we’re still good for hiking before midsummer!

Ugly milky blue sky today so the camera stayed in the bag, except for this snap of Livsäterån. Let’s see what it looks like in early June which is normally my first visit of the year!
There were 8 cranes, and there’s 8 birds in this picture. And yes, I know that one of these is not a crane! 😉

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