Helags daytrip

So now I’ve done that, too. Skied to Helags, ate a waffle, and skied back to Kläppen! Awesome warm weather but unfortunately very hazy so the sky wasn’t so nice.

When I sat down for fika on the way, I was wondering what that odd smell was. Not unpleasant, just odd. As in new. And then it dawned on me – it was the smell of earth! There are lots of these dark spots now where the snow cover was thin during the winter. In the past I’ve spoken about the wonderful winter days when the sky is grey and there’s no wind and there’s no sound and everything is white – it’s very easy on the senses. But I’ve never reflected on the olfactory sense, what I mean is that when everything is frozen, there’s nothing to smell. But that is now changing!

The snow cover is great for skiing at the moment, it’s very compact so it carries me when I go off-trail, while being soft enough to give me a firm grip so going uphill is a breeze even without the skins. Driving was another matter. The gravel roads are melting, it’s not the worst I’ve seen but I was thankful to have a 4-wheel drive and high ground clearance anyway, so the only the problem the mud gave me was that my car is now covered in it. And I just washed it yesterday. Granted, not my brightest idea!

Had my fikapaus here. Can’t complain about the view or the weather!
interesting rocks
Found an area with a lot of interesting rocks

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