”You will always come down, but…”, he said as he was reluctantly selling me a one-way ticket on the gondola up to Funäsdalsberget yesterday. He didn’t have a lot of faith in my skills to come down the mountain on cross country skis, even when I told him I would follow the snow mobile trail. And down I came, although granted, I had to take off my skis a couple of times when it got really steep. The snow mobile trails are not easy for skiing up, down or level. But easier than the meter deep powder snow next to the trail, for sure.

Today I was standing on top of another mountain and wondered how to get down. I have a fear healthy respect for avalanches so I don’t want to go down too steep. So I safed, backtracked a little bit, until I found a way around the mountain and further down to the valley behind it.

You will always come down. The only question is, how. I prefer to do it alive. In one piece, if possible.

Skarsfjället is still in the sun, but the clouds have already taken over where I’m standing.
It is also still sunny on Stor-Skarven.
glided down way back on the left
I was on top the mountain on the right, but glided down way back on the left.

* * *

But yes I was going to talk about skins. I finally got them and as usual, I wish I’d done it earlier. But I didn’t know that you can have them on normal waxless skis like my hybrids, I thought they’re more for ski touring. Until I spoke with the guy in the ski shop who showed me how they work and applied the skin on my skis. I bought them on the spot. And they work great and are much easier to use than I thought!

New skins
New skins. The grip is so good, you can just walk up a mountain! It saves a lot of energy as well, when the skis are not constantly slipping.

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