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I just went skiing, no photographic ambitions because the sun was starting to fade out behind some thin clouds preceding a snow front that will come in tonight. But when I got up to the corner where the Anåfjället trail branches to the mountain, I discovered that not only had they prepared the trail above the forest, but now it goes up even further than it did last winter! I was glad I had the camera with me just in case, because of course I found a use for it now.

I was looking at the peak and I really wanted to continue all the way up, but I didn’t have the right skis, clothes or energy bars for it, because I had only intended to ski the Anåfjället loop. But before the end of the winter… I’ve just gotta do it. Imagine that, skiing from my door to the peak of Ånnfjället! It’s a long trek and a lot of altitude, but what the heck. That’s what beautiful 5th season days are for!

A lot of feather clouds (and contrails) above the mountain
That's the peak over there
That’s the peak over there
The snow front approaches
Filtered sunlight
Filtered sunlight

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