Waterfall hunting

I spotted another waterfall in satellite pictures and scouted the spot in Fjällnäs a couple of months ago. Been waiting for an opportunity to shoot the falls since then, and today I finally got there. I was hoping for a bit more colour in the trees, but it is what it is – the moth damage is evident. It is also very difficult to find a good angle to the falls, there’s this huge boulder right where the best angle would be. I think the view would also be better from the other side, but getting there looks so difficult (looking at the satellite imagery) that I will probably not bother.

Waterfalls in Tännån
Waterfalls in Tännån near Västansjögården in Fjällnäs

With the first waterfall done so quickly, I decided to visit Livsäterån. There’s very little water in it, as it always tends to be at this time of the year. It makes it even harder to find any compositions that I haven’t already shot at least once, so I just walked up to my favourite spot and back down again, without bothering to take out the camera. And it didn’t help that the birches look pretty bad here and I saw a lot of the moths as well. Not as much as last year, but maybe they’re just starting to swarm now.

With time to spare before it would get dark, I followed the creek downstream from the bridge. Believe it or not, but I’ve never done it before! There is a series of small waterfalls close to the bridge and I finally had a new composition of Livsäterån. Further downstream from here, the creek narrows down a lot and the forest gets thicker so I didn’t go far. Which was just as well, because it started raining and the light faded really quickly. We’re heading into the dark season now…

Livsäterån downstream
Livsäterån downstream from the bridge

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