Try and try again

For the third time within a week, I got myself up to Funäsdalsberget. The weather forecast wasn’t very promising and it rained a little at first, but then it got better – much better than forecast. On the other hand, last Sunday it was much worse than forecast. On Wednesday it was worse than forecast. So it doesn’t matter how much you plan this, in the end it’s all down to luck anyway.

However, it wasn’t good enough that I would have gotten the shot I really wanted. This is becoming something of a white whale now, but I’ll rely on numbers – if I get up there often enough, the conditions are gonna be right at some point! I might grow old doing it… but I’m doing it.

Last night by the way the aurora should’ve been great. The weather forecast said that it would be mostly clear skies, so I drove to Mittådalsvägen. And got rained on. I saw the aurora move behind the clouds but there was not even a promise of the clouds parting, so the only thing I achieved was to get my car totally dirty after driving on the gravel road in the rain. Always something, right?

Yellow birches
Glad I finally got this shot, last chance because the colours are just peaking on these birches
When I talk about ”ridges” on Funäsdalsberget, this is what I mean. Have a closer look at the middle ground.
Light and shadows on Häckelsjön. The straight shadow at the bottom is Funäsdalsberget.
Anåfjället from the top of Funäsdalsberget
Anåfjället from the top of Funäsdalsberget
Ormruet, Anåfjället, Lillfjället and Rödsjövålen
Ormruet, Anåfjället, Lillfjället and Rödsjövålen

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