Same procedure

Same thing as yesterday – straight up a mountain after work. This time on Funäsdalsberget, because for years I have been dreaming about getting a killer panorama of Anåfjället and it was borderline possible that the conditions would be right today. Evening light, some nice clouds… that would be the ticket. It started promisingly, I had both clouds and light, but it didn’t last for long. After an hour of hiking up and down the ridges on Funäsberget, all hope of getting the light back was lost. I’ll keep dreaming.

You know what they say about fishing, if it was easy, they’d call it catching? I think it applies to photography as well. If it was easy, they’d call it taking pictures!

The foreground would be great otherwise, but it’s not parallel to the background which is hugely annoying. But this is the only shot I have while the light was still on.
little pond
Found this little pond on Sunday, hidden between two ridges. Too small to show on maps, and too shaded to show on satellite pictures. So it’s my secret and I’m not sharing. 😛
little pond
This is from three days ago. Just to show that it’s more yellow today.
Red dwarf birch leaves
Red dwarf birch leaves on black lichen
This is actually from last Saturday, it was raining quite a lot and I was walking in the cloud. But the reds are intense in any weather!

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