You know how much I love hiking, but this week I’ve had this enormous longing to be out and about, even I’m surprised. It could be mosquito related though – there are none. We’ve already had night frost and it’s not that warm during the day either. Gloves are a must-have. In other words, it’s autumn!

Today’s hike took me to Vallarfjället in Bruksvallarna. It’s a small mountain, just barely rises from the plateau around, but it does give some nice views towards Stor-Mittåkläppen. Except today, when the clouds drifted in and out, dropped some rain here and there, but luckily not on me. It’s strange weather we’ve having, one forecast says it’s sunny, another says it will rain, and the third one says partly cloudy. Well, they were all correct… a little bit.

Rain and shine on Stor-Mittåkläppen. Normally you should be able to see Helags as well, but not today.
Rain and shine on Stor-Skarven

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