There are good days, and there are bad days. And then there are great days. Like today. 🙂

I have a few caches that I haven’t logged in this region. Five of them are in Messlingen, so that was my target today. On the way, I stopped at the Kappruet Trädgårdscafé for lunch, been meaning to visit it for a long time but it just hasn’t happened. The food was excellent, and I already felt that this was going to be a nice day!

I left my car at Ruvallen and headed towards the rock paintings. You can do a round trip to see the paintings, Evagraven and Fiskhålsgraven, or just see one of them, or two of them. There was a cache at each site, so of course I was going to do all of them. And I chose to do it in anti-clockwise order, mostly just because I’ve never done it in that direction. Come to think of it, I’ve never done all three on the same trip, actually. Anyway, already on the way to the paintings, I felt so happy to see the terraced cliffs that I’ve learned to associate with the ravines.

When I got to the rock paintings and looked at the landscape, I felt such serenity. There are no big mountains in the horizon, but you can see far and wide. Now that we’re already on the autumn side things, the colours are starting to come out – the mires are yellow while the birches are still green. It is beautiful beyond words.

I logged the cache and then took a reindeer path towards Ruändan, but instead of going for the peak, I followed the north-east side to have a closer look at the birches. Again, I felt so much at peace looking at the landscape, and endlessly grateful to live here and have such easy access to these beautiful places.

The Evagraven cache was hidden at the south end of the ravine but coming from Ruändan, I was at the northern end. I came to realise how big the ravine really is, because I had almost one kilometre to walk along the ravine to get the cache. Having logged it, I decided to walk back up on the west side, which I’ve never done before. At one point I thought that the rocks at the bottom looked really interesting, and found a relatively easy way down to the ravine. As I was scrambling over the rocks and looking at the cliffs hanging above, I felt that I was really experiencing the ravine – not just looking at it, but living it! I sat down for coffee and ate a freshly baked cinnamon bun instead of some dry cookies I normally have. The day is just getting better!

As much as I love Fiskhålsgraven for all the great moments it has given me in the past when I had the cabin in Messlingen, it felt a bit… small, after the Evagraven experience. I logged the third cache of the day and walked back to car through a birch forest which looked delightfully leafy, so autumn colours are perhaps not the lost cause I thought them to be!

In Messlingen, I picked up the fourth cache so now I only have one remaining there. It would have required some more hiking but I had done enough for the day – and what a day it was!

mountain birches
Far in the background, Lunndörrsfjällen and some great memories!
Still some snow left. With the cold weather we’re having, I wonder if it has time to melt completely?
I wish somebody had stood on that overhang!
sharp rocks
The canyon floor is covered in sharp rocks. I was surprised to see one round one.
Imagine the forces required to create this rock pile!

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