The wind is really bad today. And when I drove the Mittåkläppen road in the morning, the thermometer showed a generous 4 degrees (well, at least it was above freezing). I had gloves which really were needed, but a cap and some long underwear would’ve also felt nice. On the upside, no mosquitoes!

With the trees looking like they do, I just did some scouting. I had a couple of spots I wanted to check, the first one was a waterfall that I had discovered in satellite pictures. The waterfall was nice but obviously from this far north, Stor-Mittåkläppen doesn’t look like you’re used to seeing it. And I also had chosen the wrong side of the creek which made a bit hard to find a good angle, so I forded the creek (it is wide and shallow below the falls) and got a better angle. But the trees still looked just as sad on the other side.

My second spot was chosen specifically to get the familiar profile of Stor-Mittåkläppen. It was quite good actually, or rather, it will be good when the birches look good. So I will do that again next year, hopefully with pretty autumn colours!

There was a big flat rock in the middle of the creek where I forded, so I stopped for a frame
Now on the west side of the falls
Now with a fence
Now with a fence
I finally checked out the Bear Stone (Björnsten) that I’ve dismissed all these years. It was actually quite impressive! A huge boulder in the forest, you could climb on top and stand higher than the tree tops

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