Roaldstöten is a strange looking small peak next to Blåstöten. I’ve wanted to summit it for a while now, mostly because I’ve wanted to see what it looks like up close. But in the long term, I also want to summit all the named peaks in the Anåfjället massif, and now I have two left after Roaldstöten.

I did the trip as a bike-and-hike, took the trail towards Anådalen. It is actually one of the marked MTB trails in the area, and all the qualities of a mountainbike sure were needed – the trail is insanely bumpy with some mud pits scattered around for added fun. But luckily it wasn’t a long stretch, I could have hiked it as well but since it’s just an approach, I wanted to spare myself the boredom. And I’ve gotta say, it sure wasn’t boring on the bike!

The hike itself wasn’t very challenging, it was easy terrain to walk even through the forest. And I was sad to see the state of the forest, larvae eaten birches everywhere. If I want to see any proper autumn colours, then I need to go somewhere else in September. But how far… that is the question.

That’s Roaldstöten on the left, and Blåstöten in the middle
Blåstöten from the top of Roaldstöten
View towards north-west from the top of Roaldstöten

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