Same place, a year later

It’s nice to have some places which you can visit year after year on the same date. And spring is just about the only season where it makes any difference how the season is progressing. Summer just follows the spring, autumn colours appear almost always in the middle of September, first snow can fall at any time between autumn and winter and the lakes can equally freeze and even melt again before winter comes for sure. But spring is another matter, when it starts happening there’s no going back. It can get drawn out but I’ve never seen birch leaves that shrink, if you know what I mean?

With that said, I visited Livsäterån today. Two years ago (on the 6th) there was more snow and the season was very cold, the trees didn’t turn properly green until at the end of June! Last year (on this date), the birches were green even at the tree line. This year it’s somewhere in between – it’s not nearly as cold now as it was two years ago, but the cold period we had in May means that there’s still quite a bit of snow left up stream and there is just a little bit of green visible in the birches down by the bridge, but not any further up. A couple of sunny days should work miracles on the trees!

Same spot as in the two previous years, just a different composition and different amount of snow!
This is my favourite spot along this favourite creek.
In some places the snow was still covering the creek
This is quite close to the bridge, coltsfoot is past its prime and there’s just a tiny little bit of green on the birches
I also visited the gravel pit in Ljusnedal and found cowslip, which I hadn’t seen here in previous years. Slightly over bloom as well, but the unusual red colour caught my eye.

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