Swans on ice

The migratory birds like the golf course in the spring, so I do my evening promenades there with the Mega-Tamron as company. There’s not a lot of action as yet, I’ve seen some occasional cranes there but yesterday I only heard them in the distance. What I did get instead was three swans on the ice, and the whole thing just screamed “high key”. It turned out that it’s not so easy to do the high key processing when the subject is lighter than the background, but let’s be honest, the true-to-nature version doesn’t really do anything so it was worth the try anyway.

I thought this guy had an achy knee like me, as it stood like this for a long time. But it was perfectly fine, I guess it just wanted to pose for me.
This is more or less what it looked like in real life
I’ve de-saturated everything except the beak in addition to boosting the highlights until almost all details in the ice disappeared. Which meant that the swan was completely burned out, so the trick was bringing back detail in it.
Marching birds
Marching birds
In this version I boosted the blues in the ice instead
northern lapwing and swan
The northern lapwings have arrived as well

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