Spring in progress

I made brief visits here and there to check how the spring is coming along. Here in Ljusnedal the snow is almost gone, there are just some small patches in the forest but that’s about it. But as soon as I drove up to Hållan, it was very different – there was so much snow in the forest that I cancelled my intended walk to Livsäterån and instead took the trail from Högsta Hållan towards Malmbäckstugan. I should’ve brought skis, and indeed, I met a skier, that’s how much snow there still is. When I looked over the tundra below Skarvarna, I estimated that at least 90% is still covered with snow and all the mountains look very white.

mountain birch
Skarvarna in the background

I then drove the Lossen road to the red-throated diver lake and checked the crane nest along the way. I saw one crane and although I know exactly where the nest is, I couldn’t see an incubating bird. I hope there’s one, because by now they should have eggs.

The red-throated diver lake is mostly covered in ice. Last year exactly on this date, it was free of ice. I only saw a pair of goldeneyes in the water, but I’m fairly sure that a pair of divers made a fly-over as I was drinking my coffee.

Goldeneye in a half frozen pond
Goldeneye in a half frozen pond

Finally I paid another visit at Tevsjön and found that the number of birds is getting smaller as the area of open water is getting bigger.

It looks like it’s running, but it actually just landed.

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