If I were a tree

A new track popped up on the map this year. They are now preparing the trail between Fjällnäs and Svalåtjärnen, previously it’s only been a back country trail but now it’s prepared, and of course I just had to ski it. The only question was, how I’m going to arrange it… use the ski bus and then ski from Bruksvallarna to Fjällnäs (and be so nervous about catching the bus that I’d barely have patience to stop for pictures or coffee), or ask somebody to give me a lift? Or just simply ski a triangle instead, leave the car in Tänndalen, take the snow cat to Andersborg, ski to Svalåtjärnen, then Fjällnäs, and then the back country trail back to Andersborg and finally glide down to the car. Which is what I did today.

It was another glorious day to be out on the mountain. The weather was much better than forecast, the sun was out but there was some snow in the air, the snowing kept coming and going and I can see snowflakes in some of my pictures even when there’s blue sky in them. There was almost no wind again, the silence was complete as I was sitting in my snow pit to eat lunch. And the sun is so very hot, my face is all red even though I had sun screen. SPF 25 is apparently not nearly enough! In fact, I got a bit of a sunburn already on Saturday even though it was completely overcast. It’s just that the cloud cover was not that thick, which I didn’t realise until at home when I looked in the mirror.

Photography today was limited to finding nice mountain birches along the way. There were plenty of them and I passed a lot of good candidates, in the end it felt like I was just repeating myself. But I decided that if I were a tree, I would want to be a mountain birch. They are tough and they stand strong in harsh conditions, true survivors. I want to be like that!

mountain birch
This was just before I stopped for lunch. The snowfall has passed, it’s now on Stor-Skarven (in the bg)
mountain birch
And shortly after lunch, blue skies. There’s a few snowflakes in the air though, visible in the full res. Skenörsfjället in the bg.
Just before Fjällnäs
Just before Fjällnäs. You can see these thin clouds, looks a bit like mist, except that the mist is frozen so they are snow clouds instead.

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