The landscape is big and I’ve often marvelled at how little you see people up on the mountain when the parking lot at the trail head is full of cars. But then there are exceptions, of course. Like the Easter week, which is no doubt the busiest week up here when absolutely everyone who can, go skiing. If they do only one cross country skiing trip per year, it’s now.

I started from Walles and initially followed the trail towards Össjöstugan. It was absolutely crazy how much people there were on the trail. Then there was a group of people with sled dogs, good luck to them trying to avoid crashing into other skiers. People in all ages and skill sets, people falling down all over the place, people stopping in the middle of the track (and then turning sideways to ensure that they are blocking as much traffic as possible, I bet they are from Stockholm…), it was completely nuts and I was happy to leave the Össjöstugan trail and follow the unprepared trail towards Långbrottsjön instead.

But even these remote regions have traffic during the Easter week. When I got to the Långbrottsjön wind shelter, it was full with people. I’m sure that this is the only week of the year when that happens!

The conditions were nearly surreal today. It almost reminded me of that magical day in Svalbard when the wind died and the sea and the sky blended into each other. There was not a sound, no movement, just serenity like I’ve never experienced before. Today it was the mountains that were barely distinguishable from the sky, as yesterday’s snowfall had covered all the dark spots that otherwise would have revealed the contours. What an amazing experience… it was just white everywhere, interrupted only by the red trail markings and by me as a tiny spec in this huge landscape.

abandoned old cabin
Close to the wind shelter, there’s this abandoned old cabin
old cabin interior
Next time I’m here and the shelter is crowded, I’ll just have my break in the old cabin! As long as there’s not too much wind… it has snowed inside! (HDR)
Still inside the old cabin
Still inside the old cabin
This was the landscape today
This was the landscape today

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