Top 10 Songs All Time #10

I can’t remember how I discovered Florence + The Machine, but I remember hearing No Light, No Light for the first time. It just completely floored me. Some songs take a long time to grow (there are a lot of such songs on my Top 10), but this one was love at first listen. Just the way it starts, with the drums slowly getting louder, draws you into this magnificent world of sound that just keeps growing and by the time the big drums hit in the chorus, I’m totally lost in the song. I had it on repeat, over and over and over again, and I still get swept away every time I hear it. I’m a big fan of orchestral productions and this one has everything – even a harp!

I wish I could say that I like other Florence + The Machine songs, but I have a hard time with their music otherwise. They’ve released three albums so far and I’ve listened through them all, hoping to find another gem. But No Light, No Light is just light years (ahem) ahead of everything else they’ve published.

Footnote: I had never seen the video until now. It’s a bit weird… do yourself a favour, put on the headphones, crank up the sound and close your eyes. You need to experience this song, not watch it!

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From Langisjór, Iceland, September 2016
From Langisjór, Iceland, September 2016

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