I just finished a big project of building a huge jigsaw puzzle of 6000 pieces and now I suddenly have a lot of time in my hands so I thought I’d take my blog to a sidetrack for a moment. I’m not creating any new pictures for various reasons so I can’t spend time on editing pictures either, and I’m bored!

So, let’s talk about music. I mentioned a few weeks ago in my News fatigue post that I have a lot of thoughts in my head. All the time. Sometimes when I get bogged down by bad thoughts, the only way I can escape them is through light entertainment. I like pop music and action films and I don’t require high quality from either. As long as they don’t make me think, it works. Exceptions exist of course but you won’t find many dramas on my DVD shelf – the only thing related to drama that I can think of is the Shawshank Redemption. One of the best films ever made, by the way. Apart from that, I have Indiana Jones, plenty of Schwarzenegger, Die Hard (although the last one was awful, even I draw the line somewhere), the X-Men, Star Trek (not to forget Galaxy Guest)… you get the idea. Plus a few comedies, most of which seem to have either Hugh Grant or Sandra Bullock in them. Or both. On TV, I love sitcoms. When times have been really bad, I just binge watch a funny series. I’ve seen all Friends episodes countless of times and I still laugh, and I never get tired of Nanny. Soap was a childhood favourite, and I loved Three’s Company when we got cable-tv in the 80’s.

Anyway, I was going to talk about music. Same principle applies here, the music can’t be too complicated or too thought provoking, otherwise it doesn’t do its job which is to allow me to switch my brain off for three minutes. I have met a lot of people all through my life who dismiss my taste in music (it got to a point where I almost didn’t even want to tell anyone what music I listen to), and although I sometimes say that I like the entertainment value, I don’t think anybody ever fully understands. But if you had a constant storm in your head… wouldn’t you give just about anything to get a moment of calm? That’s what my favourite music does to me. It gives me that quiet moment. Preferably delivered as loud as my ears allow. So the next time any besserwisser with a bloated sense of superiority wants to criticise anybody’s taste of music, it would be a good idea to pause for a moment to consider why that person likes the music they like. There could be a deeper reason to it than just “having a taste”. I admit, there has been a lot of times I’ve wanted to tell someone that the music they like is horrible, but I hope I have never insulted anyone. To each their own, and we should respect that.

In the coming posts, I will count down the Top 10 of my all time favourite songs. When compiling the list, I was a little bit surprised to see that most of the songs in the top 10 are in the rock end of the pop music scale. Granted, my taste has changed in the past years, I listen to a lot more rock now than I did five years ago. However, every time people put together these list, I’ve noticed a tendency that the songs which were published towards the end of the period come out on top, and I wanted to avoid favouring the new music. I decided to only consider music which was published before 2012 – if I still love a song which is over 5 years old, it means that the song has longevity and thus deserves to be in an “all time” list.

* * *

If you’re wondering how this photo is related to any of this, it’s not. I found some pictures which didn’t make the cut to be published either here or on Facebook at the time, so I’m just throwing them in as fillers when I’m writing posts where I otherwise don’t have any pictures to go with the story.

Landmannalaugar in Iceland
From Landmannalaugar in Iceland, September 2016

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