I have never photographed fireworks. Which is not so surprising, really, considering that the last time I saw fireworks was before I started with photography in the first place. But, 2017 is all about experiencing things (that’s my new year’s resolution, so thus far it’s going great), so I grabbed my gear and walked over to Bruksområdet where I knew they would shoot some fireworks at midnight. The only problem was that I didn’t know exactly where in the area they would shoot them, so I picked a spot that gave me a good overview, pretty much a 360 degree coverage if needed. The ideal scenario was that it would happen somewhere close to the church so I could use it as a prop in the frame.

It would also have been great if I had done some reading about fireworks photography, so I would have had a clue about the best shutter speed. But I guess I’ve been doing this long enough to at least get in the ballpark and indeed, it worked out ok. And to my astonishment, my composition idea with the church also worked! It’s not perfect, there’s a bit too much separation between the fireworks and the building, but I’d say it’s pretty darn good considering that I really didn’t know which spot they would use!

Fireworks by the church
Fireworks by the church
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

* * *

The waffle season has started, some waffle places opened after Christmas and others for the New Year. I tried to get a waffle at Malmbäckstugan on Monday, it failed – I was told they were out of waffles. SAY WHAT? I have other comments I could make about Malmbäckstugan as well, but I’ll pass. The coffee was good anyway.

Yesterday I tried to get to Össjöstugan which is open for limited period only, over this weekend (until they open later in the winter again when the season really starts). But the trail was so icy and the wind was so bad that I didn’t see any point in fighting my way there and so I turned back.

I had considered of trying either Andersborg or Kariknallen for a waffle today but the wind is still quite bad and I didn’t want to go above the tree line. I skied a long trip in the forest instead, and had selected my direction with care – I had the wind in my back when I crossed a big mire (over 1 km of open space) and I had a great time with the wind helping me to great speeds with minimum effort from me. I wish it was always that easy…

Can I hope for a waffle next weekend?

Every week the temperatures fluctuate above and below freezing, which is why some creeks are still partly open and the snow cover is treacherous on the tundra, with a lot of icy patches. And in case you’re wondering, no the picture is not tilted! It’s just one of the worst optical illusions in that respect.

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