And the wind picks up again

The weather forecast keeps promising a chance of sun, but it is just not happening. It was raining when we left in the morning, and the wind is definitely an issue again. We arrived at our spot above Funningur but with nothing but grey skies around us, it was a waiting game. We decided to have a go at it anyway, and I did my shooting without a tripod, I didn’t really see a point with it when the wind was so bad that long shutter speeds were out of the question in any case. I preferred to lean elbows on a rock and let the stabiliser handle the rest. I took a few pictures, but since there was plenty of time, I wanted to climb on top of the nearest peak… for really no other reason than that it was there. And I needed the exercise. It was easy to get there, apart from one gust of wind that forced me to kneel down so I wouldn’t lose my balance. But when I got up to what I thought was the top, I found that it was just the end of a ridge which continued quite far, and the real peak was much further away. There was no time for that, so I just took a few shots of the serpentine road below and the (little bit) snow covered Slættaratindur, which is the highest mountain on the Faroe Islands.

I went down to the group and we concluded that the light wouldn’t improve, so we headed back to the car. I was leading the way but then I heard some shouting from behind. We looked around and there it was – the light! So we rushed back and battled the wind again to capture the rays over the fjord. But the weather is really changing rapidly here, we got hit by a shower of hail that really hurt the face, so for a moment we had turn our backs to it to let it pass. A few more shots after that, and then the rays disappeared and the light was dull again, and this time we made it all the way back to the car.

Our next stop was Saksun, a tiny village at the end of a road. There’s a photogenic little church covered with a turf roof so even I used it for pictures (I don’t do a lot of churches in case you haven’t noticed). There seems to be some kind of a conflict brewing up in Saksun when the locals don’t really appreciate the tourists that flock there (even if today the only flock was us). The Faroe tourist board in the meanwhile has built a parking lot with marked spaces for buses, so at some point, they will have to battle it out…

For the afternoon shoot, we drove to Vágar and Gásadalur which was also the first photo op when we arrived. This time I had the tripod with me and the light made a brief appearance, but the pictures didn’t quite work out. We cut the session short so we could shoot the sunset against some seastacks nearby, but the sun disappeared behind a bank of clouds in the horizon. I didn’t really mind, I felt like I always do at the end of a trip, so happy with the week that’s been that it made no difference to me whether or not these last pictures would be any good. When we stopped one more time to shoot the last light, I skipped it, just didn’t bother to walk down to a beach and then back up again for the slim chance of catching some colours. The sky turned out to be quite interesting though, but I wasn’t even disappointed about that while sitting in the car. It’s been a great week, and now we have one morning shoot left and then we’re home bound!

Rain over Funningsfjørður
Rain over Funningsfjørður
View towards the highest peak on the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur at 880m. Some snow on the top, as the temperature is a bit cooler now.
covered with grass
Everything is covered with grass and these layers of paths made by sheep
And then there was light
And then there was light
From Saksun. If you look at the waterfall highest up, you can see how the wind gets hold of the water
The church
The church

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