Teething problems solved

This is now my third weekend skiing, and today was the first time I can say that I fully enjoyed it. I’ve really struggled with the grip, but I finally figured it out last Sunday, it wasn’t because I’m just not able to wax the skis properly. There are two factors that contribute to the issue: 1) I haven’t found the technique yet 2) I’ve chosen trails which constantly go either up or down, which leaves no room for training proper classic technique. But as I said, I figured it out – I need to apply more grip wax than would otherwise be needed, until I get my technique sorted out. I am so happy that the strategy worked, and I also chose a really nice trail to follow (the 8 km in Fjällnäs). Apart from a big hill in the beginning, it was level enough to ski ”properly”. The tracks were in fabulous condition and the forest was beautiful, even if not ideal for photography. But never mind the pictures, it was a great experience. Just the right length, too, I had some energy to spare. It’s not always necessary to push myself to the limit… with good energy levels, it’s easier to keep the technique together. It’s only the beginning of winter, I can save the endurance test for the spring season. 😉

Perfect tracks
Perfect tracks

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