Early winter on Ormruet

We’ve had snow on and off in Ljusnedal (off at the moment), but it looks a lot more white as soon as you get a bit higher up. It would have been nice with some hikes this weekend, but the wind was crazy bad yesterday and I didn’t even think about leaving the protection of the forest, so all I did was a boring walk. But at least I got my pants soaking wet, for not taking into consideration what the wet snow does to the bushes as I made my way through them…

The wind wasn’t as bad today, although it did almost knock me off my feet when I got up on the tundra on Ormruet and faced the full blast. On the up side, I got to enjoy the winter scenery and happily walked through the snow, which varied from zero to knee deep, depending on how the wind had been moving the snow. So in one place it looked like mid-winter already, and in another place it looked like… well, October.

So happy to see more snow being forecast, so I can go skiing soon! They have already prepared 1 km of tracks in Bruksvallarna, but I’m really waiting for the Mittåkläppen road to open for classic. Next weekend, dare I hope?

This is on the lee side and there's lots of snow
This is on the lee side and there’s lots of snow (Ormruet)
Ånnfjället in the clouds in the background
Ånnfjället in the clouds in the background

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