Last chance

Maybe I was a bit too negative yesterday. The season wasn’t completely at an end – the raining stopped at lunchtime and I was out again. It was very windy though so I preferred to stay below the tree line, with just an occasional visit above to check out the grand landscape. I also chose to stick to the trails which was quite nice for a change, it feels very carefree. When you’re off the trails, you always need to keep your bearings – where you’re going to, and where you’re coming from. On a well marked trail, your mind is free to wander. My biggest concern was that I had an annoying song playing in my head so I had to try hard to push it away and have a nicer tune stick instead… which worked, after a few kilometres!

So anyway, I took the Gruvturen hike (Guldtur 3) from Ramundberget. It goes past the old mines (there was a lot of mining activity here 200 years ago) to Djupdalsvallen and on the way back you can choose to go via Glimtjärn or over Gruvvålen. Now, the regular readers have probably already guessed the real reason why I chose this hike… it was my last chance to get waffles at Djupdalsvallen!

After my fika, I made a detour towards Stor-Mittåkläppen to check out a birch I had scouted in the summer. Alas, it turned out that the birch has already lost almost all the leaves, so the effort was wasted. However, the sun was shining and my pack was light, I was having a great time!

Although there are some birches which have already lost their leaves, for the most part they are very colourful. There are still a lot of trees which are still more green than yellow but when you add the red hues of the dwarf birch, you get a colour explosion like no other. Unbeatable.

I chose to hike over Gruvvålen and on the way I passed another favourite birch. It had also lost its leaves early, so I just walked past. But then I realised that the sun was shining from a blue sky, and thought that maybe I could work with that birch after all – it has a very interesting form which makes it work even without the leaves. So I turned back and a few sunbursts later, I was happy!

About the same time as I was done with the sunbursts, a cloud drifted in front of the sun. A few minutes later, the sky in the west was dominated by clouds and when I reached the top of Gruvvålen, it was cloudy all over with just some small specks of light moving fast over the landscape thanks to the wind. Unfortunately it meant that light was once again too bad for really showing how colourful the tundra is right now, but I had already had a lot of luck with my timing with the sun (say for example, it was cloudy when I was eating my waffle) so it was ok anyway.

It was a beautiful day!

building where they stored powder
This is from one of the mines, it’s a building where they stored powder
From Gruvstugan
From Gruvstugan
From Gammelgruvan
From Gammelgruvan, looking towards Bruksvallarna
I’m surprised that there’s a reflection, considering the wind
towards Stor-Mittåkläppen
Through the forest towards Stor-Mittåkläppen
Coming out of the forest
My favourite birch
My favourite birch, minus leaves
The shadow you see at the bottom is where the lights went out, this shadow spread over the whole landscape in just a few minutes
A patch of light
A patch of light

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