Favourite falls

Somehow autumn has gotten far along without me noticing it. The peak colours will be next week which is right on schedule, that’s the week I normally have vacation. Except not this year. Which I regret. Almost. Instead of enjoying autumn here at home, I’m going to Iceland in two weeks so I have to stop complaining!

But being as it is, I need to make the most of the time I have available before Iceland so I went to Livsäterån today after work. A quick trip after work to shoot some waterfalls, I thought. It took me three hours… It was raining on and off so I had to wait a couple of times for the rain to pass so I could shoot. When I was heading into a third rain delay, I gave up, and just as well – need to save something for the next time!

But there were some important lessons to learn as well. The Sony A7 struggles with AF when you slap on a 10-stop ND when it’s already a bit dim, and so I found that every single picture I took at the best spot were out of focus, even when the focus indicator told me it was ok. After leaving that spot, it got too dark for the 10-stop ND so I switched to a 3-stop, and those images were sharp. Note to self: Use MF with the dark filter! I’m not too disappointed though about deleting all those images, because it’s like I said, it’s good to save a spot!

leaf twirls
Sometimes you get foam twirls, and other times you get leaf twirls

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