End of season

As the rain is pouring outside my window, it’s time to face the fact – my hiking season has come to an end. Prematurely and with a fizzle (drizzle), not a bang. Feels like it’s been the same story the whole summer, every time I’m not on call, the weather is iffy. At times so bad that hiking wasn’t even an option, other times ok for hiking but not for photography. Then again, it’s not like the weather was awesome every time was on call, either. It just wasn’t a very good summer. Better luck next year, right?

Having said it, I did get a lot of things done, the two highlights are of course conquering Helags and Skarsfjället. I added 8 peaks to my 60 toppar collection. I achieved some personal goals like cycling to Djupdalsvallen.

And there’s a lot of things I didn’t do, owing to bad weather or bad timing or a bad case of procrastination. Like visiting Pyramiderna and Issjödalen (weather), which I’ve wanted to do for years now. Or conquering Storvigeln (timing), and not climbing the Via Ferrata in Funäsdalen (procrastination). Better luck next year, eh?

Next week I’m on call again, the week after that I’ll be going to Iceland, and after Iceland I’m on call but all the autumn colours will be gone anyway and the long wait for the snow begins. I have big plans for winter, if I get half them done then it’s a good job. Past experience tells me that a 100% success rate is unrealistic!

* * *

Yesterday was a good example of good hiking but bad photography. I got the keys to Backvallsvägen in Ljusnedal so we drove on the south side of Anåfjället and hiked up along Tvärån, then crossed over Ivarsfjället and Uggarna to Fjälländan. I was amazed at the scenery – it really was far better than I ever imagined! There are two brooks which offer great waterfall opportunities, and the views towards Lillfjället and Rödsjövålen are stunning. If only we had the light… but the sky was about as boring as it gets and the sun didn’t even bother with a guest appearance, so I only took some snapshots to remind me of the place. You better bet that I will come back here next year, several times!

View from Fjälländan towards east, with Grundsjön in the back
There’s a nice brook in that small ravine, it will look better in the summer because there’s a lot of plant life along the water. The opening on the right is Ol-Larsvallen.

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