I have a four-day weekend and as usual, my timing is off. But to lighten up a rainy day, I have a new car so I took it to Trondheim today, for no better reason than that I’ve never been there before.

I ate a brunch at Ikea before driving to the city and then walked around for a while. The raining started just about the same time as I was taking my first pictures and it kept getting worse, making it pointless to walk around any more. I was wearing semi-rainproof clothes so I wasn’t desperate to find shelter, but I was sure that the camera wasn’t as weather proof as I was and I felt quite sorry for it when I took the last pictures. But the little I saw of the town, I thought it was nice. There’s a whole lot of history here and although I’m not a history buff as such, I do like the old buildings and narrow streets. Trondheim is the same distance for me as Östersund so the next time I need to get myself into a town to do some shopping, I might as well go to Trondheim. But today, no shopping, I didn’t even go inside a shop to browse!

When you drive to Trondheim from Funäsdalen, you have two route options which are almost as long and take the same time. I drove the northern route to Trondheim (since Ikea is north from the city) and took the southern route back home. Both are very nice drives, but on this trip I had a lot of reindeer problems when approaching Stugudalen. Those stupid moronic idiotic animals did their best to commit suicide in front of my car, it’s not that I was driving too fast but they had a heart-attack inducing habit of turning back in front of the car just as I thought it was safe to pass them. No casualties though and by the time I saw a stately moose run over the road, it was just cool.

There are more mountains along the northern route but as usual, photo ops are hard to come by. But the really charming part of both routes, actually, is that much of the roads go in valleys so you have these high forest covered slopes on both sides and often you also get a glimpse of the river that runs in the valley. Very Norwegian!

On the way home it wasn’t just raining any more, it was pouring, and the wind had seriously picked up as well. Driving in head wind with the rain pounding the wind shield, the wipers couldn’t keep up! It was mad, and I was definitely happy I chose to sit in the warm and dry car instead of going for a hike. No matter how good your clothes are, there’s no way you could have kept dry in that weather!

The Wharves
The Wharves as seen from the Old Town Bridge
The Wharves with kayaks
The Wharves with kayaks
Nidaros Cathedral
My pilgrimage completed, this is the Nidaros Cathedral! Granted, I cheated, as I only walked the last km. 😀
pool and gull
The same pool of water from another angle. And don’t say that the image isn’t level… I tried my best to get all the lines aligned but ran out of patience. If I fix one line, another goes wrong!
This is from Eggafossen. The fossen is a waterfall that I couldn’t shoot because it was into the wind and rain, but for this bridge, I had the wind at my back.

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