Rändåfallet revisited

It’s been years since I last visited Rändåfallet and I’ve been thinking about doing it again… well, for years. A few days ago I was looking at my old Rändåfallet pictures and realised that I don’t actually have anything good from there, even if I’m sure I used to think otherwise. So now that I needed something easy and relaxing to do, it was the right place!

It is such a long time from my last visit that I wasn’t even working with (extreme) wideangles back then. 24mm was the widest I had, maybe that’s why the pictures don’t look good any more? Only one way to find out!

It didn’t start very promising, there was only a little water in the creek so the waterfalls were a bit on the thin side, and many falls were completely dry. Also the sun came out just when I got there so my good intentions were rapidly melting in the sun. I sat down on a cliff for fika and that’s all it took – by the time I had finished, I saw this big dark cloud looming behind the falls! I just got a few frames of the dark cloud while the sun was out, and then the sun disappeared and the dark cloud became a normal cloud and the rest of the day was just nice! I walked up and down and I actually went too far upstream while I was at it; I was wondering why the path was so faint… turns out that the fall that I remembered as the last good one had so little water in it that I didn’t recognise it, so I thought that I hadn’t reached the spot yet.

I spent almost four hours there, that’s how much I enjoyed shooting waterfalls again! I really need to shoot more waterfalls. Really. It seems to be the only thing that gets me excited about photography any more, having mostly been on snapshot mode the whole summer year.

Waterfall with a dark cloud
Waterfall with a dark cloud
Rändåfallet is definitely one of my favourite waterfall spots, right up there with Livsäterån and Silverfallet!
Today’s bonus picture, the sun came out during heavy raining, creating an intensive rainbow. If you’re wondering why the picture is grainy, it’s not – it’s rainy! I just opened my window to take this, no need to go out when the view is better from my second floor flat. 🙂

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