Aiming at the top

Yesterday morning I looked at the weather forecast and saw how the weekend was going to be absolutely brilliant. The first thing in my mind was, Helags! The second thing… I’m on call this week. For a moment I felt sorry for myself for missing a great opportunity, but then I decided that there’s no harm in asking, and I’m glad I did because things worked out beautifully! My colleague was able to cover my on call duty this weekend, my boss gave me half a day off and there was still some availability at the Helags mountain station.

So with everything arranged, I drove to Torkilstöten in Ljungdalen in the afternoon and started the 12 km hike to the mountain station. It was cloudy but not very windy and it was actually quite a pleasant day for a hike. The clouds meant that there wasn’t a lot to shoot on the way, but at least the Helags peak was visible and constantly in my sights, I just couldn’t believe that I was finally going to go to the top!

There it is. Helags!
A tiny bit of sunlight

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