Anåfjället 0106

Yes it's almost like summer!
Yes it’s almost like summer!

Exactly a year ago (plus a day) I moved to Ljusnedal. It was a rainy day and quite cool, and on the mountain it had snowed the previous night, so it was almost all white. What a difference! Today it was t-shirt weather, even when the sun insisted being behind a cloud half the day. The clouds don’t look so bad in the picture but behind me where the sun was, you could hardly see the blue sky between all the cumulus clouds.

I also checked out the cranes, the chicks should hatch any day now. Yesterday one of them was incubating, but today there was nobody in the nest and one crane was pretty much doing nothing at all. It didn’t look like it was watching over any chicks, it just briefly preened itself and then walked off to search for food. So… is it warm enough for the eggs to incubate themselves, or is it normal that they take a break, or have the chicks already hatched? But knowing that the cranes will leave the nesting site as soon as the chicks walk, then the fact that one crane was still there indicates that they either have eggs or chicks in the nest.


But just look at all that green! When we shot the cranes chicks last year, there was not even a hint of green. And that was on the 8th.

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