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Cycled the Lossen road for the first time this year, with the following observations:

  • The cranes are not at home yet. The little tarn by their (last year’s) nesting site is still covered with ice
  • The Lossen reservoir is almost empty
  • The spring water is as good as it ever was (I filled my bottle and brought home some)
  • The red-throated divers haven’t arrived yet
  • The red-throated divers’ tarn is covered with ice except for a narrow strip of open water, which was enough for a pair of goosanders and mallards
  • Daphne! I found actual wild flowers! (besides the coltsfoot I found in Funäsdalen on Thursday)
  • I’m not a birds-in-flight photographer
Lossen reservoir without water
Lossen reservoir without water
The red-throated diver tarn
The red-throated diver tarn
birds in flight
Before you think about congratulating me, the birds are not in full focus, and this is not the full frame. But it would make a great stamp-size print!

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