Spring on Ånnfjället

It has been raining for two days and it shows – the river is higher now than at the snowmelt peak. But today there was a chance of a sunny break so I headed to Ånnfjället. I needed a mountain which I could access without having to do a long trek through the forest, which I knew would be a problem because there’s still some snow at the higher altitudes. And indeed, the first part of the hike was rather interesting. The forest was still soaking wet after all the rain, so it didn’t take long until all my clothes were wet. The only dry item of clothing I had was my jacket, and that’s because it was in my pack… it was too warm to wear it. But nevermind, I have quickdry clothes and there was almost no wind, so no problems. I was also wearing waterproof boots and that was a necessity, because the path was not really a path, it was a brook. In some places the water had collected in pools, forcing me to find long detours through the wet juniper bush. When I finally got to the forest line, I had no option but to get across some snow fields but luckily the snow is much harder in the exposed places, so it carried me quite well. But I found that you can’t trust the snow 100% because occasionally you will sink, so I preferred to go around the snow patches whenever possible.

I walked up to one of the no-name minor peaks and considered going all the way up to the highest peak, but I didn’t want to miss the Finland vs Russia semifinal (ice hockey – and Finland won!) game so I turned back. When I got down to the snow just above the forest, I found that it didn’t carry me as well as I did on the way up. With one foot deep in the snow, I had to sit on the snow and noticed that it does carry me when the weight is distributed. I decided to stay on my butt and just glide down, and that worked great! And it was really fun, too. I should embrace my inner child more often! The next time I have to go down on a patch of snow, I will glide, even if the snow doesn’t sink. 😀

View from the minor peak towards Storvigeln
The tarn was still frozen and when you zoom in like this, it looks more like winter than spring!
The balancing rock
The balancing rock with Skarsfjället in the background
My glide
My glide

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