May Day skiing

That just happened. I was skiing in May, first time I’ve ever done it! And it wasn’t just a small nominal loop, but a proper 20K trip from Bruksvallarna to Djupdalsvallen. Today was the last time of the season that they prepare the tracks and the weather forecast says that the temperatures will now go up, and it will barely freeze even at night. So this could really be the last chance for skiing and I didn’t want to miss it!

But oh boy the snow was soft. It was horrible skiing up from the village but I hoped that it would get better once I got higher up, and to my relief, it did improve a little bit. Then it suddenly started snowing, and that wet new snow changed the conditions completely. My skis went from “below average” grip to “too good” grip and even the glide became very random, the ski would suddenly get stuck in mid-glide, throwing me off my balance. It’s not so easy going down a hill when the skis suddenly want to stop, but your body doesn’t know about it!

The mountains still look very beautiful, as the new snow that melts every morning at home (there’s been quite a few white mornings this week), stays around on the higher ground. I really would have liked to ski on the tundra, but I don’t know how soft the snow is up there. The second issue I had was that I just simply didn’t know how to take myself there. I can get close by car, but since the good snow doesn’t start until quite high up, there’s still a lot of melting soft snow that I would have needed to go through. So the Kläppen trail was the safest bet and it worked out great, I can honestly say that this was the best skiing I’ve ever done in May, no contest! Really, no contest. 😉

The Mittåkläppen trail
That’s how good the trail is
20 minutes after the previous picture, it was a snowstorm. This is the “view” from the popular Stor-Trappåsen viewpoint! Two minutes after taking this picture, I was skiing in sunshine again.

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