Anåfjället 0605

The water level keeps rising in the river, but it’s not flooding. It’s barely higher than last summer’s peak after an intensive period of raining, but as you can see, there’s still plenty of snow on the mountains. And the warm weather continues!

The light was so bland that I had to go monochrome

Yesterday I drove to Fjällnäs (for no reason really, just to waste some time) and there’s much more snow there. In fact, as soon as you get to Högsta Hållan which is just a few km west from Funäsdalen, you’ll find plenty of snow in the forest. And I saw people ice fishing on Malmagen in Fjällnäs, but nobody dares to go out on Funäsdalssjön (which is pictured here in here in the foreground). And apparently, people are still skiing as well. I gave up too early!

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