Anåfjället 0405

 snowcover on Anåfjället
Today’s snowcover on Anåfjället, and ice on Ljusnedalssjön

The warm weather has arrived! The snow and ice are disappearing fast, I’ve been checking out some rocks in the river and the water level has risen at least 5 cm since this morning – one of my marker rocks is under water now. While I wait for the small forest roads to become passable, I’m cycling my normal evening route around Ljusnedalssjön. There’s one nice spot to get a good view of Anåfjället so every time I pedal past this, I will snap a shot to see how fast the snow disappears. When I moved here last year, I took a picture of Ånnfjället and there was almost as much snow then – and that was the 31st of May!

Last weekend the mountain was almost completely white, thanks to the recent snowfall. In March it looked like the snow would disappear early but of course the weather had other ideas, Jack Frost doesn’t give up without a fight!

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