Warm in the sun

This is the kind of day we should have had during the Easter (no, I still can’t let that go). Warm sunshine and blue sky, just inviting me to ski up to the mountain. Going uphill in the afternoon sun left no doubts about the season – it was warm, very warm. I took off my jacket and gloves and the sweat was still running down my face and I wasn’t even pushing myself very hard, I just wanted a nice and pleasant trip with no performance goals.

Of course the wind did its job once I got up on the tundra so the jacket and gloves came back on. There’s still plenty of snow left (there’s a snow meter close to Lillvallen at around 820 MASL and it showed 65cm) but on the tundra it’s very patchy. The most exposed spots have no snow left and now of course these dark spots will get bigger and bigger every day. The weather forecast says that the mild weather will continue and it will only be a few degrees below freezing at night. I guess it means that it’s spring?

I like the clouds. Reminds me of summer! (3-frame stitch)
Exposed rocks with Gråstöten in the bg
Exposed rocks with Gråstöten in the bg. And a big fluffy cloud!

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