Fabulous weekend! It is sunny today and it will be sunny tomorrow and in between there’s a cold night which creates a crust on the snow. I’ve never really tried crust skiing before so I wasn’t quite sure where to go, so I chose a compromise. I drove to Fjällnäs, where I could ski on the prepared track at first, and then left the trail to go to Malmagsvålen, which is an easy-to-reach sub-1000m peak with great views (haha, as if there are any bad views from any mountain top). Storvigeln towards south-east is the nearest big mountain, and Skarsfjället and Helags are visible in the north.

The hard crust doesn’t survive long in the sunshine and I was out a bit too late, so I headed back to the trail and followed it to Hamra, did a loop there and then skied back to Fjällnäs. I was skate skiing and occasionally I got a feeling that I almost understand how to ski uphill and when some new muscles in my thighs started aching, I realised that my problem lay there – I can’t think of any other activity where I’ve ever needed those muscles so it’s for sure that I don’t have the needed strength to tackle any big hills, assuming that I at least have a clue about the technique. Small hills I managed, but the big ones, I took my skis off and walked.

I also had to walk down some of the steepest and longest hills. With the track so icy in places, it’s hard to brake and I wasn’t the only one who thought that walking is the safest method of going down. I met a lady and we started talking, turns out that she’s from Finland and moved to Sweden in the 90’s. And guess where she lives? Ljusdal! And she’s a member of the Ljusnedal Golf Club and frequently comes here in the summer to play.

Speaking of a small world, last week I came across a lady who was in our group on Gotska Sandön!

Skarsfjället and Helags
Skarsfjället and Helags
A very nice day
Nice birch, nice clouds and a nice mountain in the bg. A very nice day!

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