Long season

The season officially ends this weekend. The tourists will go home and finding parking space in front of ICA will be easy again. And the mountains, they will be all ours!

We had some more snow yesterday and when the sun came out today, it revealed gloriously white mountains all around. It really is a stunning view and the skiing is epic, I did a longer trip than originally planned, just because I couldn’t resist the snow calling me. The original plan was to ski to Ösjöstugan for a cup of coffee and then ski back with a few small de-tours to find the best spots, but when I saw this snow overhang off Ösjövålen, I just had to go up for a closer look.

Considering how much off-trail I went, I would probably have been better off with my hybrids. Skiing on the prepared trail was very good, but off-trail with the waxed skis, it was crazy how the new snow was sticking in the grip zone… going up the hill was not a problem! What happens is that the wax makes the snow freeze on to the ski, and then because you’re skiing on wet snow, there’s a snowball effect and more and more snow sticks until you’re dragging along a kg of snow on both skis. I had to stop a few times and let the ice thaw in the sun so I could scrape it off. I seem to have a hard time winning regardless of which skis I choose, but having said it, it was an awesome trip. I can’t even begin to describe what it’s like up there when the sun is warm and the snow is white and the mountains are big!

The sun hadn’t really come out yet so my panorama is a bit bland. But it’s a good spot, I will try this again.
The Ösjödalen valley from above
snow overhang
And here’s the snow overhang that got me skiing up

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