Easter, Day 4

Last week I swore that I wouldn’t do any more skate skiing unless it’s on the crusty snow on the early mornings of late April after a cold night. Today it was a few degrees above crusty, with a bit of rain in the air, and I went skate skiing. My hybrids don’t glide and the classic skis don’t grip on this snow, so what’s a girl to do?

I gotta tell you, it was not easy. Even the skate skis were gliding really bad in the soft wet snow and with my fledgling technique, everything became twice as hard as it was before. Even the easy part wasn’t fun any more, and the hard wind didn’t help. The only reason I kept going at all was that I had eaten my reward ice cream beforehand, so I felt obliged to work it off!

The hills got me completely beaten today, I couldn’t manage even the small ones. It’s like when the turbo broke on my car. You step on the gas, but nothing happens, apart from the whine from the engine… it’s as if I don’t have the muscles that’s needed for this activity, at all. It’s a strange feeling, because I don’t really get any of the normal signs when I work hard – no lactic acid, muscles are not complaining, and I’m not really out of breath, either. I’m just totally beat without any hint as to why, so I lean on the poles for a minute and then go on like nothing happened.

Much like the car turbo incident, my skating technique will also take a long time to fix!

I got a few raindrops on me when I started, but towards the end the sun was starting to break out. Svansjökläppen in the background.

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