Car with a cold

My car doesn’t like these cold temperatures. I’ve never had a problem before, but then again I’ve lived in places where it rarely got colder than -20°C. Now the car has been standing outside in -30°C and the dashboard is lit like a Christmas tree with all kinds of warnings I don’t want to see. I took the car to the garage on Thursday and they found an “unknown error” so now I’m waiting for Nissan to call back to tell us what that error means. I got an ok to drive the car though because none of the warnings were critical (in fact, the warnings disappeared completely for a while) but today when I was driving to Ramundberget, the problem was no longer with the dashboard lights only, now the car is definitely not feeling good. The poor thing barely made it up a small hill, I was standing on the gas pedal but got no response from the engine. I will take the car back to the shop next week and I hope they can fix it, because there’s no way the car will be able to get up the big hill through Funäsdalen so I could take it home again. Lucky it’s that way though, otherwise I wouldn’t even be able to drive it to the garage!

Typical… I had really been looking forward to this weekend because the region is just bursting with great skiing at the moment! I don’t want to ski the local trails in Ljusnedal on a week when I’m not on duty (work) so I really would have needed the car to get around. As it was today, I had no choice. The skiing was great though and I was overjoyed to see that my hard work with getting myself in better shape is finally paying off! Now I’m even getting a hang of the technique, which gave me a speed I have never been able to reach before and the best part was that I was able to keep it up. Such a great feeling!

Where the trail goes over Ljusnan
Where the trail goes over Ljusnan

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