Big freeze

It’s been very cold this week, some mornings (like today) it’s been almost -30°C and it doesn’t get much “warmer” during the day. On a sunny day it’s really beautiful out, but quite honestly, not beautiful enough for me to endure that kind of temperatures! There’s plenty of winter left and when the quicksilver rises above the -20°C mark, it will feel mild in comparison and I will be back on the skis. In fact, the temperature will be less brutal already tomorrow and it will start snowing as well, which is something that I wholeheartedly welcome. It’s a pretty landscape as it is, but we definitely need more snow.

Today I went out for a few minutes to shoot this small crop of trees, I can see them from my living room window but I’ve never actually taken a closer look. Until now at -25°C, as it was at sunset!

Old shack
Old shack by the river. The roof has collapsed, maybe one of these days I will get a picture of that – hopefully before the whole thing collapses!

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