We almost lost the winter yesterday when it got really warm and it even started raining. But before all the snow was gone, the temperature dipped below freezing at night and it started snowing and I reckon that all the snow that melted yesterday, snowed back down today. Which works great for me!

Since it’s barely on the freezing side, under the snow it’s very wet (which you can’t see a lot of times because of the snow) so I had to choose today’s excursion carefully. I ended up with the trail that goes towards Ånnfjället from Ljusnedal, I have never walked it so this was a good opportunity. I went as far as the Lillvallen mountain pasture, from there it would have been less than 1km to get above the tree line but the days are so very short now so I had to leave it for another time. And the clouds were so low that I wouldn’t have been able to see anything up there anyway. But next year I want to do this all the way to the peak of Ånnfjället, just because I can… it’s only about 9km from my door to the top, so it’s no problem as a day trip. Pretty cool, I think!

Passing the Pilgrim Trail
Passing the Pilgrim Trail
Lortdiket. Freely translated, Shitty Ditch. I didn’t drink from it.
I think somebody still uses this building in the summer. There are two cabins at Lillvallen, the other one is abandoned.
Varning Rasrisk
There’s a sign which says ”Varning Rasrisk!” – Warning Risk of Collapse

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