Panorama day

Today was going to be a sunny day so I did what I wanted to do last Saturday – up to Ånnfjället and see if my map scouted panorama spot is as good as I hoped. There were quite a lot of clouds around in the morning, but they were the kind of fluffy clouds that disappear when the sun gets higher, and indeed, the clouds were gone when I reached my spot.

The view was great and I was shooting panoramas in different versions, hoping that something would work. But as it sometimes happens, what works fine when you just look at it, becomes all kinds of wrong on the computer. Maybe my big panorama would work if I printed it 2m wide. But on the monitor, it just looks lopsided because Gråstöten is 200m lower than Ånnfjället and the panorama format just makes it look worse. Maybe it would work better if I could take the panorama closer to Gråstöten, it would create the illusion that it’s bigger than it is (in comparison to Ånnfjället) but unfortunately such a viewpoint does not exist.

Anyway, blissfully unaware that my panoramas were less than successful, I went on to walk around Ånnfjället. I didn’t really have any specific point in mind, just went in the direction that looked good and ended up very close to the peak actually, but since I’ve already been there once, I settled for finding more panorama views. There was some haze in the air so the distant mountains weren’t very clear, but since you can’t see anything in the small format anyway, it’s not a problem here…

I didn’t really create any great pictures today despite all my efforts, but you know, sometimes that just doesn’t matter. It was a wonderful day up on one of my favourite mountains!

Light fluffy clouds and snow on Ånnfjället
An hour later, the snow is gone and so are almost all of the clouds
What is left of the snow, below the peak of Ånnfjället
Skarsfjället, Sylarna and Helags in the distance
Skarsfjället, Sylarna and Helags in the distance. You just need to take my word for it!

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