Between seasons

We are in between seasons now, but the Andersborg waffle cabin in Tänndalen has been open, until this weekend. So if you want any waffles in the mountains, this is the last chance until the winter season begins! Not one to miss out on the opportunity, I did today’s hike to Andersborg and beyond. Specifically, I wanted to visit the small tarn between Stor-Skarven and Lill-Skarven. The weather forecast said that it would be a sunny afternoon, but those misty clouds refused to disappear all day. I saw a bit of blue sky occasionally but no sunlight. And when I started my hike, even all the mountain tops were still shrouded in clouds but most of those clouds lifted, luckily.

Other than the iffy light, it was a wonderful day. This is the first time I’m experiencing the mountains between the seasons so even if the landscape looks drab, I’m loving it. One thing that stood out today was how quiet it was – it could just simply be the calm weather but somehow I got this impression that it was more than that. Only a few birds, and just one insect and even that one wasn’t buzzing around. The mountains are waiting for the new season.

The tarn between the Skarven peaks
The tarn between the Skarven peaks. I was here at midsummer and there was still some ice left, and snow on the mountains. Feels like the circle has closed!
thin ice
An insect walking on thin ice
It has been cold enough for icicles, but today was mild and the snow was melting fast
Stor-Skarven and Lill-Skarven
Stor-Skarven and Lill-Skarven reflected in mirror calm Anderssjön (two frame stitch)

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