Try again

It was just one of those days. Nothing turned out the way I planned. The forecast (three of them) said it would be half sunny in the morning and overcast in the afternoon, so I was out early and hiked up the infernal trail to Ånnfjället and then headed to a new spot I discovered earlier this week (by looking at Ånnfjället from my ”office” window for the umpteenth time). Well, it was sunny when I headed out but by the time I was out from the forest, the peaks were already shrouded in clouds. I walked around for a while and by the time I was back at my car, it was almost sunny. When I got home and looked at Ånnfjället, all the peaks were visible.

It’s full moon tomorrow but a day before full moon is still good for a moonrise picture. I checked the forecasts again, and everybody seemed agree that it was going to be partly cloudy – pretty much a 50/50 chance if it would work. I drove to Bruksvallarna and hiked up to my spot and saw a gap in the clouds in the horizon, just big enough for the moon. But then… the wind was bad. The rain (!) was worse. But what really killed the whole thing was the clouds closing up that small sliver of sky in the horizon. I gave up. When I got home and looked up, there it was. The moon.

Sunny morning?
Sunny morning? Sure.
Today for the first time, I climbed up to take a closer look at the balancing rock. It does almost seem to defy gravity!
many birches are still green
A bit amazing that many birches are still green
Mountain forest
On my way back, the sun is coming out more and more
Barn at Övre Lillåsvallen
Barn at Övre Lillåsvallen

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