The week

Last week was disappointing. I made some genuine attempts to shoot, but it felt like every time the weather was exactly what the forecast said it wouldn’t be, or something else just didn’t turn out quite as expected.

On Tuesday I walked to the big waterfalls at Kvarnströmmen, I thought there would be a lot of water in them since it has been raining and the water level is quite high in Ljusnan. But when I got there, I found that the water level does not correlate to the falls – they were almost dry again. On the positive side, I finally got a picture of this tiny rock island in Ljusnan, I’ve been meaning to shoot it all summer so it was about time that I got it now.

Rock in the river

On Wednesday I walked up Funäsdalsberget, because it looked like a good chance to shoot Ånnfjället in the evening light with some nice clouds. There were clouds alright but not nice and no light.

On Friday I did a second attempt up Funäsdalsberget, with the same intention. Half cloudy, no rain, they said. I ended up half running down the mountain with a short break in a wind shelter, because it rained so hard.

Sunny evening my a**

What happened on Saturday, I wrote about it earlier.

But then yesterday my luck sure turned! The weather forecast was wrong again, but this time it was for my benefit!

And tonight wasn’t half bad either. I drove to Östersjön (no, not that Östersjön) which I’ve never seen from this side (only been to the dam on the Tännäs side) and it turned out to be beautiful! Of course it helps that the lake was mirror calm. The sky wasn’t very pretty though, thus the monochrome treatment, but it’s for sure that this place deserves more visits. And a bit funny thing (now afterwards), there’s a gate when you turn to this road. Sometimes these gates are locked by the people who have cabins along the road, and I started thinking that it’s already off-season so if there are any people who are leaving their cabins today, they could close the gate behind them. But the place seemed pretty deserted, just one car, so I figured it was safe and started walking along a path which goes around the west side of the lake. I had already reached the end of the lake when I heard a motor boat… and realised that it must be the people who own that car! I hit the panic button and walked back as fast as I could (had it been possible to run on that small path, I would have done that) so I could get to the parking lot before the boat. I couldn’t risk getting locked in! I made it just when the people were getting in the car, and asked about the gate and they told me that it’s only locked when the first snow falls. What a relief, and the next time I visit the place, I can have peace of mind and spend as much time on shooting as I need to!

Since Östersjön is a man-made lake, you can find these remnants of forest on the shores
From the western end of the lake, just before I heard that motor boat

It’s strange, in Loos we had lots of gated roads and I was never worried about getting locked in. On the other hand, those roads didn’t have any cabins, the roads were mainly there for forestry. But up here, the roads lead to cabins and there’s almost no forestry, so I’m not so sure any more.

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